Seafood Stew



1 can diced tomatoes with Chiles

3 spoons tomatoe paste

3 table spoon Tabasco sauce

1 chicken bouillon cube

2 cups of white wine

4 medium size celery sticks

1 small onion

3 garlic cloves

1 green bell pepper

5 small yellow potatoes cut in half or 2 large chopped potatoes

1 bunch Cilantro

2 bay leafs

1 spoon coriander

1 spoon smoked paprika

1 tea spoon dried sweet basil

1/2 stick of butter

Water about 2 cups or more

Salt / pepper to taste

1 squeezed lime





Crab meat (fresh )

Step 1. Sauté all veggies till tender

Step 2. Add wine , chicken bullion cube and water . Add all the spices

Step 3. Once it’s boiling for 10 min add mussels,

Step 4. When mussels start to open add scallops, cilantro and shrimp. mix all together ..

Step 5. last add crab meat .. cook till it starts to boil and turn it off . squeeze lime juice and serve

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