Nutella Mousse Cups ( No bake Dessert)

This dessert is perfect for when you have people coming and you don’t have time to bake or go to the store to buy sweets . These ingredients most people have in their pantry, I know I do . We always have Nutella.

2 cups of heavy whipping cream

1 cup Nutella

1/2 cup chopped hazelnuts toasted

1 cup graham cookie crumbs

2 tea spoons of butter

  1. Beat heavy whipping cream
  2. with a spatula mix 1 1/2 cups of whipping cream and Nutella . Set aside.
  3. Toast hazelnuts.
  4. Combine nuts , graham crumbs and butter.
  5. Add cookie mix into each glass. Press down with a shot glass to make it more packed
  6. using a piping bag add Nutella mousse
  7. with a different piping bag add whipping cream and garnish with more chopped toasted nuts

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