Cake Decorating Tricks and ideas

Here are some things I have learned over the years with baking.

Tip # 1 Always believe in your self! Don’t start baking doubting your self or saying I doubt it will turn out. The oven can smell fear 😜 jk.

Tip #2. Be organized. Have everything you need ready and by that I do not mean have a full counter top of everything. As soon as I’m done with first process I clean up and prep my station for next. When ever you are organized you are not stressing and looking for something.

Tip #3 Perfect decorating cream. for decorating cakes I always use a pastry cream I buy at cash and carry. It’s very light and tasted like sweet whip cream ( this is not the typical butter cream.) This cream is easy to work with and helps you have the perfect smooth cake look. I never use this cream for inside of the cake.

Tip #4 Freeze your cake! when you put your layers of cake together, freeze the cake for 15-20 min while you prep your decorating cream. Freezing your cake makes it so much easier to work with and prevent cake from sliding. And when you put the decorating cream put it back in freezer for another 10 – 20 min

Tip # 5 making the perfect chocolate ganache. I use 1 cup heavy cream (heated) pour over 9 oz dark or semi sweet chocolate chips and mix till chocolate fully melted.

Tip #6. Tool I use for chocolate. I use a plastic bottle to pour my chocolate on the cake. This helps creat the perfect drips and don’t forget your cake has to be out of the freezer when you pour chocolate this way the cream doesn’t start melting but instead it instantly cools the chocolate and create the perfect rain drops.

<Tip# 7 When chocolate starts to harden that’s when you know you can start decorating the top with how ever you want.

<<<<Tip# 8 here are some of my must haves and favorite tools.

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ones. Using left over cake and cream I made them into round shape and I put almond row by row. I also chopped some pine tree branches and put around it to hide any areas that were visible.

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