Savory Crepe Filling

Savory Crepe Filling Recipe:

For Crepe recipe you can look at my previous post


1 1/2 lb ground moose ( you can use beef)

1/2 lb ground pork

1 Small Onions

Half of bunch Parsley

2 tea spoons of Salt

3 tea spoons of Pepper

4 cloves of garlic

2 tea spoons of Coriander

1 tea spoon of Cumin


I always make my own ground meat, when ever I do it I add all ingredients through the grinder besides the spices. If you are using already store bought ground meat you want to pure your onions , garlic and parsley using a food processor.

Mix all the ingredients together. Sauté ground meat in the skillet till fully cooked. Using a food processor pure the cooked ground meat. It should look almost like paste. Now you can spread your mixture onto your crepes and roll them. Before serving I heat a skillet with a little bit of butter and brown them on each side. If you have a toaster oven you can always just pop them in there and it will toast for you. You can eat them with sour cream or salsa.


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