Russian Layered Salad

This doesn’t have to be made into a wreath shape I just did that for the holidays. You can use a regular plate and layer each in ingredient.

This can be divided into two small salad or 1 big salad.


5 Small Potatoes or 2 large ones ( cooked and pealed)

2 carrots ( cooked and pealed)

6 eggs ( cooked and pealed)

2 beats ( baked 350 for 1 hr )

1 pomegranate


2 cups mayo



3 cloves of garlic

Salt / pepper


Cook potatoes, carrots , eggs , beets and peal.

Mix mayo, pressed garlic, 2 tea spoons chopped dill or parsley , salt and pepper to taste.

Shred potatoes, carrots , eggs , beats

1 layer potatoes, sprinkle with salt/ pepper and spread mayo mixture.

2nd layer shredded carrots, season to taste and spread mayo mixture

3rs layer shredded eggs, season to taste and spread mayo.

4th Layer shredded beats, cover all areas. Season a little with salt and pepper.

To with pomegranate seeds. Parsley and green onions ( optional )

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