Chocolate Brandy Fig Bonbons

Impress your guests with these supper easy make your self chocolate candies. Had to re-share with you guys. Thank you to @simplyhomecooked for this recipe!


  • 20 dried Calimyrna figs (from Costco)

  • 8 oz semisweet chocolate

  • 2 tbsp of heavy cream ( preferably 36% or up )

  • 3 tbsp of brandy

  • 3 cups of semi sweet chocolate chips


  1. Soak couple paper towels in water and wrap around the figs to give some moisture.

  1. In a microwave melt heavy cream and 8 oz of chocolate. 30 second at a time ( total for 1 min and mix after 30 seconds )

  2. Add brandy to the melted chocolate. Let it cool.

  3. Using a piping bag, fill each Fig. ( poke a little hole bottom of the Fig and fill it till it looks full. )

  4. Place the figs in the freezer while you melt the chocolate chips for dipping.

  5. Using a double boiler method. ( heat small pot with water and a bowl over it with chocolate chips to melt using the the hot water from the bottom) melt your chocolate completely.

  6. Using a tooth pick or a wooden kabob stick, dip each Fig in chocolate. Lightly tap on the bowl to let any access chocolate to drip. Place on to parchment paper to harden. Repeat the process for each Fig.

  7. Once you are done you can place it in fridge to speed up the hardening process. Once harden place in mini cupcake liners. ( makes it easier to grab and looks pretty)

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