Favorite Cleaning Products

Favorite Cleaning Products

Appliance Cleaners

Love Therapy Products especially their stainless steal cleaner absolutely my favorite! A must have in my cleaning supplies.

If you have a Glass Cooktop this a great cleaner and polisher to remove any deep stains

Here is another great glass Cooktop cleaner that comes with a razor that removes those old burnt in stains . I would highly recommend this product I have been using it for years especially the razor. It doesn’t scratch your cooktop.

Upholstery Cleaning

We all struggle with keeping our couches and chairs clean especially if we have little kids. Here are few things I do to clean my chairs.
I mix few table spoons of DAWN DISH SOAP and a spray bottle of warm water. Spray on chairs and than rub with a clean towel. Towel will absorb most of the stains.
Another great way of cleaning upholstery is dilute WINDEX WINDOW CLEANER with water about half amount of windex and half of water. Spray and rub with clean towel.
If you are looking for a great product to buy for cleaning upholstery or carpet here is one that I think worked the most out of all products I’ve tried. You can purchase it at Home Depot or click on the link below to purchase it on amazon.

if you are looking for a Multi Purpose cleaner here is one I use often and love the results. Here is what I use it for.

Multiple purposes cleaner.

  • Cleaning white shoes or white rubber on shoes/ also can be used on light colored shoes. ( not black shoes ) spray and rub with with a small brush, rinse and air dry.
  • Cleaning house trims, cleans with a one wipe and brightens it.
  • cleaning white kitchen cabinets. Removes grease stains and anyone yellowing tinting.
  • Bathroom and sink cleaner.

    You can purchase this at any local store in the household department.

These cleaning pads are dirt cheap at Walmart. The entire box of them is sold for $2 and it’s so worth it! They come with soap inside already and can be thrown away after use. Sold at most stores. Walmart the cheapest

  • Cleaning pots and roasting pans for hard stains.
  • Inside stainless steal sink
  • shower cleaner! Cleans old soap scums like crazy.
  • bathroom sinks.

All Purpose cleaner

If You are looking for a Safe all purpose cleaner that actually works this is the one. Most all natural cleaning products don’t work very well I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It was on shark tank ! Currently sold on amazon you can click on the link below to purchase yours.

Here are some thick heavy duty wipes that we used during remodel days. They removed paint drip stains so easily. The can be used for multipurpose surface cleaning . You can find them at Home depot in the product aisle or Walmart in the automotive department or click the link below to purchase it on amazon.

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