Pantry Organizing

Pantry Organizing

Sharing my before and after also all pantry containers used.

Before & After

I like to think of my pantry as a supper market. If i can see everything clearly i am more likely to use it. I use pantry as a resource of what to cook for the family. If my pantry is messy i am clueless what to cook and it stresses me out. Here are some tips how to keep your pantry clean longer and organized.

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Pantry Tips.

  • Divide everything in sections and in separate bins. For example all pasta in one, all the baking stuff in another such as ( nuts, chocolate chips, flours, baking powder, baking sods, cocoa powder in another, etc.
  • Things that are used the most keep closer to your reach.
  • Set the entire bottom row for your kids. filled with snack, juice boxes, etc. if they have it right in front of them easily accessible the chance of them digging through the entire pantry and making a mess are slim.
  • Don’t buy too much! remember everything has an expiration date and if not being used is going to waste, and that is all money down the drain. My rule get four of everything, Four cans of beans, four cans of diced tomatoes, four cans of peas. four different pasta, four different pasta sauces.
  • Don’t buy too much snacks and chips, they go stale. I have a small bin for snack and i will only buy as much as it fits in that bin. and also keeping a great variety of healthy and guilty pleasure snacks. Keep water near snacks chances are if they are grabbing snacks they will choose water to go with it.
  • Keep everything in clear containers, when you see it clearly you are more likely to use it.
  • Keep potatoes. onions and tomatoes in the pantry. Keeping them away from sunlight prevents them from going bad faster. Tomatoes turn watery and flavorless in the refrigerator this is why you will never see tomatoes sold in the refrigerator at the store.
  • Organize your pantry weekly.
  • keep a check list what are we out of. easier to keep track and take to the store as a shopping list, prevents you from forgetting something or buying things you don’t need

Check local Burlington, Tjmaxx, Ross, Home Goods for better deals first.

Purchased these stackable bins at Target

Also sold at Walmart and Target.

Purchased at Walmart keep Almond Four and Powdered Sugar in these.
Candy, Cookie, Popcorn jars
Cereal Containers
Storing water in large basket

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