Thanksgiving Turkey

Thanksgiving Turkey

If you are hosting being in charge of cooking a large Turkey might seem nerve racking! Don’t panic here is a supper easy turkey recipe that will put you at ease.

Here are some common problems that can happen with a Turkey.

  • Under seasoned with salt.
  • Over cooked/ Dry
  • Under cooked / Raw

Here is some tips how to avoid these issues:

Always have a meat Thermometer and test on the thickest meat area. I always do both drumstick and breast. When temperature says 165-170 it is perfectly done. Stop cooking!

For your Turkey to not be under salted i highly recommend to brine your Turkey. What does brine mean ? It means you heat a pot of water based on the instructions with salt and all other seasonings, bring it to a boil than cool it completely. Submerge the turkey in salty water and let it marinade for 12-24 hours. The entire turkey will be evenly salted and not only salted it will be juicy and moist.

I know lost of people season the top of the turkey with all kind of seasonings but i have learned that will cause those spices to burn and than your turkey doesn’t look so appealing.

Here is how i do my Turkey :

I buy Gourmet Turkey Brine from Costco.

I read the instructions on the back of how much water and mix i need based on the pounds of my Turkey. My Turkey was about 16-17 pounds . I used Two cups of Brine mix and a Gallon of water.

  • I boiled Gallon of water with 2 cups of brine mix
  • let the liquid cool completely ( i take it outside in the cold to speed up the process)
  • I coat the turkey entirely with liquid and let is sit in the refrigerator for 24 hours.
  • After 24 hours i paper towel dry the entire turkey.
  • I melt a stick or two of butter and brush the entire turkey with butter several times.
  • for turkey stuffing i stuff it with halfway cooked seasoned rice. for stuffing recipe scroll down bellow.
  • You always just a easier stuffing, just stuff it half onions , lemons and apples.
  • Tie the legs with a cooking string.
  • Tuck the turkey wings under neath the turkey, this will prevent the tips from burning.
  • Cover with a foil place in a Turkey roasting pan, pour 4 cups of chicken stock to the bottom of the pan, add one onion cut in quarters and one carrot. Bake based on the instructions for the weight of your turkey. adding chicken stock adds more flavor and moisture to the turkey.

After cooking it half way i remove the foil, take the drippings at the bottom of the pan and pour all over the turkey and cook for another two hours or how much ever you need. Test with thermometer when done, for temp of 165 degrees.

Rice Stuffing

I cooked 2 cups of rice half way. it wasn’t fully cooked

in a skillet i sauteed half of onion with carrots , garlic, butter and seasoned with salt and pepper. I mixed it with the rice and stuffed the turkey . Than i tied the legs.

Plating Turkey

I love the rustic way of decorating, go to your natural or whole foods store or even Fred Meyer. Find a field floral pieces. I like to use a wooden platter, i purchased mine at Walmart. place it on one side or both. Buy colorful fruits different sizes, such as pomegranate, mandarins or whatever you like, cut it in half that way you can see the beautiful inside. Place your turkey on the center of the platter and arrange fruits all over. Remember turkey is heavy and hot have another person help you.

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