Chicken and Cabbage Samsas

Chicken and Cabbage Samsas
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Chicken and Cabbage Samsas 

Stuffed Puff Pastry also known as samsa, are so easy to make at home!

All you need to make this deliciousness is; Store bough puff pastry, chicken thighs, few vegetables, spices and tomato ragu. This can even be a fun thing to make with your children.

First you would need to grate, chop and prep all your ingredients such as cutting everything into small pieces. Not only will it cook faster due to the size it will also be easier at the end when stuffing each puff pastry.

The key point is to saute all the vegetables and the meat, season it well with the seasonings listed in the recipe then cut each sheet of puff pastry into six squares. Place the chicken and cabbage filling onto the puff pastry square and seal it together. Foremost brushing each puff pastry triangle (samsa) with egg wash gives that golden brown result at the end once baked.

If you are hosting a get together or some sort of a party, these samsas is a great appetizer to serve. You can always make them ahead and baked them before guest arrive. At the same time your guests will be very impressed.

In addition it makes a freezer friendly side dish. Place them on a baking sheet, Freeze them for about twenty to thirty minutes, than throw them into a gallon size zip lock bag. It can sit in the freezer for several months. All you have to do is brush it with egg wash and bake.

These Samsa are great in an Air Fryer. If you are looking for great ways to put that air fryer to some good use, here it is!  Just set your air fryer to 400 degrees and fry them till golden brown. Simple as that. I like to use my air fryer to re heat them the following day. After they sit for a while they get softened and the air fryer brings back that crispiness.



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