Sweet and Delicious Poppy seed Buns , Bulochki

Sweet and Delicious Poppy seed Buns , Bulochki


Poppy Seed Buns

Sweet and Tasty Poppy Seed Buns, not hard to make it yourself with step by step Photos 


Tips to making great Buns:

  • This recipe requires Kefir but you can always substitute if high fat Buttermilk.
  • It is important to have your butter and kefir lukewarm temperature. If it is too hot it will automatically kill yeast and if the e is too cold your yeast wont grow as fast and wont have those big bubbles you looking for
  • The biggest thing is kneading. You want to really put those arm muscles in and knead the dough for at least ten to twelve minutes. this helps break down the gluten and the buns will be light and fluffy not dense. This is a very common cause for most buns being dense either not kneaded enough or too much flour.
  • Measure your ingredients! Baking isn’t like cooking you cant just eyeball it, measurements have to be exact
  • Don’t add more flour. You might think oh this seems to moist i should add more flour. Don’t ! you don’t even need to add flour when rolling it. Trust me it will not stick to anything.
  • Let the dough rise in warm area. Whenever i have AC blasting in my house and i need my dough to rise i preheat the oven to 175-190 i turn the oven off . i place a towel on top of the bowl and under and let it sit in lightly warm oven to rise.


Step by Step Pictures:










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