I wanted to share with u guys all my favorite cleaning products and what works for me. I stopped buying my cleaning products at the store and started buying most of them on amazon. I read lots of reviews before I bought them. These products work great for me so hopefully they will work for you and make your cleaning days a lot easier.

  1. Cook top Cleaner.

If you have a glass cook top most likely you will have burnt in stains that are impossible to remove with a sponge, and even oven cleaner won’t be able to get it all out. This package comes with a racer that is safe for your cook top and a cleaning product that leaves your cook top shiny clean.

2. Stainless Steal Appliances cleaner

I am not kidding this is absolutely the best stuff ever !!!! It’s a must to have. It works amazing.

3. Toilet Cleaner

Here are three products that I love to use when cleaning my toilets . The yellow Frosch I use once a week to clean the toilets. The tables I use every 2-3 days. It’s so simple you just throw in your table in the toilet bowl let it sit for 4 min and flush it. The Pumie I used when we bought the house and toilets had yellow rings. This scrubs off and removes those ugly rings.

4. Glass Cleaner

This stuff is so worth to buy. You mix it with water and works amazing on windows and mirrors. You save so much money. It makes about 16 Bottles. I have used it already for half a year and I’m not even halfway full. I bought this stuff in Home Depot.

5. Pots and other purpose cleaner.

I cannot be without this stuff !! It works miracles. This box of 18 cost $2.99 at Walmart. I use it for burn in pot stains , I use it to clean my sinks. I also use to clean glass showers. For those that have glass showers you know what a pain it is to clean them and remove and hard water stains. This works amazing.

6. Upholstery cleaner.

I love folex Cleaner. It works great, but if you have Year old stains this might already be too late to use. It’s great on instant stains and gentle on your furniture. I do have one stain that it does not remove.

Dawn dish soap is my ultimate go to cleaner for dish , upholstery and clothing stain remover. When ever I have an empty dawn bottle I fill it with water and use it for when I have stains. Believe it or not I spilled a full glass of wine on my beige couch and dawn removed it instantly with no stains. Also I had a child with a crayon on a couch and dawn removed the oils from a crayons with no stains.

7. Other Purpose Cleaner

My husband bought this stuff for when we were doing a remodel in the house. I will tell you I was shocked how awesome it works. We had a painter drip a little on our tub when he was painting the bathroom. These wipes removed it will very little effort of scrubbing. Read the back and you will see how many things you can use it on.

8. Shower protector.

This stuff is a must to have. If you want your shower door to last forever and look shine and clear. This is a protector. After u clean your shower you use this product as followed to instructions on the back. I would recommend to use it once a month. I also use it for my faucets. To prevent hard water stains.

9. Granite cleaner

This works amazing, I would highly recommend it . You can purchase this on Amazon.

10. All purpose cleaner.

This literally smells like eucalyptus ☺️. I think I cleansed my nose while I was cleaning. For it being all natural and organic it works amazing. I like that Is safe on kids toys and works on anything. I have white cabinets so I wanted to get something gentle without any harsh chemicals to clean it . I also use it on high chair and kids furniture. Works good. Also ordered it on amazon

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