The things I have learned when Renovating our home .

  • Pick a style you want and stick to it
  • Make sure the whole house is the same paint color.
  • Pick a paint color that is light and easy on the eyes
  • Pick flooring that is durable and not dark. Dark floors makes it easy to see every foot print or dust particles
  • Decide what type of furniture you like wether is black , white , wood , or etc and decorate each room with same tone of furniture
  • Add plants
  • Pick a color contrast you like . If you like colorful things , add colorful rug , accent pillow , plants , accent art . This way if you get tired of this color you can change it, it is a lot easier changing those things than repainting walls or getting rid of a colorful couch

Go simple, don’t buy a lot of decor. Having lots of things makes it looks messy and cluttered and not to mention harder to keep clean.

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