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salads and side dishes

Pirozhki – Overnight dough

Making Piroshki has never been this easy. Overnight Dough does the trick. I use Bobs Mill Artisan bread flour for all my breads and dough recipes. In this recipes the dough will be sticky. You need to keep the dough covered with plastic wrap and towel also kept in a warm kitchen area overnight for …


Fluffy Pancakes with Almond Flour and Regular Flour

A light hint of nutty flavor from almond flour , supper fluffy and moist pancakes your kids will love !


Triple Chocolate Hazelnut Mousse Cake

We love anything that has to do with chocolate and hazelnuts. Those two make the perfect combo, Don’t you think? This cake is not as complicated to make as it seems but it does require lots of patience and time. There are few steps that require waiting time for everything to cool and set. But …

salads and side dishes

Wonton Smoked Salmon

Simple and delicious Appetizer