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Main Dish

Pork Shish Kabobs

This is a classic beyond easy marinade for shish- kabobs. We made many different recipes for kabobs but we always go back to this classic kabobs. The key for these kabobs to serve with pickled onions. We have always used white sweet onion to pickle. This time we decide to use red onion for a …

Main Dish

Pork Tenderloin Podliva

This is so quick to make and perfect to go with mashed potatoes or Buckwheat. Ingredients: 1/2 lb of pork tenderloin cut into squares 1 carrot shredded 1/2 medium size onion finely chopped 1 pressed garlic clove 3 table spoons of butter Seasoning salt Pepper 1 table spoon of flour 1 chicken stock jelly ( …

Main Dish

Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry

Ingredients: 1/2lb of pork tenderloin 1 package of chow mein noodles 1 zucchini chopped 1/2 carrot shredded 1/2 onion sliced 1 red bell pepper chopped 3 green onions chopped 2 tea spoons chopped cilantro 1/2 jalapeño sliced 1 tea spoon of toasted sesame seeds 1 cup of Yoshidas sauce 1 tea spoon of lemon grass …