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Pulled Pork wraps- keto Approved

Supper delicious lunch idea, doesn’t require much work. Let your pressure cooker do most of the work. Ingredients: 2 lbs Pork Shoulder 3-4 cups of chicken stock 1 large tomato 1/2 onion 1 jalapeño 1/2 lime juiced 2 tea spoon chopped cilantro 1 avocado 1 lettuce ( the kind for burgers or wraps ) Mozzarella …

Main Dish

Smoked Pulled Pork

This pork is smoked in a smoker . If you don’t have a smoker don’t worry. You add liquid smoke to your pork or nothing at all it will still be good without the smoker. Ingredients: 1.5 lb of pork shoulder or butt 1 1/2tea spoon of salt 1 tea spoon black pepper 1 tea …